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Twin Set Moms of Multiples

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When Baby Makes (Much) More Than Three

If you’re a new mom of multiples, it can be hard to find advice and enough people in your life who “get it” or give you the support you need. Luckily, there’s Twin Set: for moms of twins, by moms of twins. Twin Set provides a parent-to-parent support network—based on an exclusive national survey of more than 300 moms of multiples—and shares indispensable, mom-tested, solution-oriented advice . . . and a few laughs along the way. There’s also a Mommy Doc and Daddy Doc onboard, two pediatricians who contribute medical perspectives on various issues, in addition to special features from experts ranging from a financial planner to a nutritionist—many parents of twins themselves! Twin Set includes:

• Answers to your biggest twin pregnancy questions
• Advice on handling the emotional impact of premature delivery
• Lessons on feeding, bathing, and dressing your twins, taking them out, and
putting them to bed
• Tips from dads of twins, for dads of twins
• Solutions for managing twice the laundry, bottles, spills, and other messes
• Options for multiples child care, from birth through school age
• Insights into twin bonding, development, and safety
• Lists of essential twin resources, gear, and equipment

This encouraging and essential guide will help you savor—not just survive—life as a time-crunched mom of multiples.

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